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NEWS: Big Dog Eat Child’s Loud Sports Network and Twenty Something Ninja Turtles to Play on Friday April 27th and Saturday April 28th @ L.A. Comedy Shorts!

The L.A. Comedy Shorts 2012 schedule as been released and we Are PUMPED!  Why watch these videos on YouTube when you can watch it with a bunch of people in a movie theater for money!


Loud Sports Network (in it’s film festival debut!) will play Friday April 27th at 2:30pm at the Downtown Independent Theater. The short is part of the “Armageddon’ the Party Started” block along with some other great films from around the country!


Twenty Something Ninja Turtles will play Saturday April 28th at 8pm. That short is part of the “No Ninja Can Save You Now” block.

Info on passes and tickets can be found here!


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