Finish da Six Pack #24 – St. Patricks Recap

Finish da Six Pack #24

Dan and Ramiro recap their St. Patrick’s Day. L.A vs Chicago? Pretty big difference. Did Ramiro “feel Irish” that day? Did Dan make his ancestors proud? Listen to find out.

Green City

Bad News Bulls – Finish Da Six Pack #23

Deja Bull.

Deja Bull.

Rose is hurt. The Bears lost by a shit ton to the Rams. And the Clippers stabbed the bulls matador style with all those terrible estoques AKA 40 points. How did two out of town Ramiro and Dans stomach those losses?

Beer? Yelling? Not swearing at kids? Yes, yes and yes. But we really wanted to swear at some kids.  All this plus Dan and Ramiro’s Thanksgiving plans. What’s the most offensive thing we say in the podcast? We say Chicago girls are easy. Listen in!

Dan and Ramiro are back! Finally, a new podcast!

Remember Podcast time with Dan and Ramiro? Ramiro would sing with some made up intro and then Dan would talk about beer. Ahh the good ol’ days. Well those days are back and better than ever! Listen to Dan and Ramiro ramble on about a Craig Ferguson taping, Ramiro’s new freelance situation and finding the real difference between men and women. Enjoy!